B2B: Musikempfehlungen-Startup The Echo Nest erhält 7 Mio. $

theechonestDas Musikempfehlungen-Startup The Echo Nest hat in einer Finanzierungsrunde sieben Millionen US-Dollar erhalten.

The Echo Nest lizenziert Empfehlungs-Technologie unter anderem an MOG, Spotify und Thumbplay. über Funktionsweise und Angebot von The Echo Nest:

Echo Nest’s ‘Musical Brain’ platform analyzes millions of blog posts, reviews, as well as tracks themselves, and provides the data to online music apps, which use it to build “smarter” music apps. For instance, MOG uses the technology to suggest playlists to users that include tracks similar to those that the user selects, while Spotify has hired Echo Nest in the past in order to provide better recommendations for what songs a user should listen to based on their listening history.


The Echo Nest’s music intelligence platform, which was created by two MIT Media Lab PhD students, intelligently interprets audio signals and can tell when a song belongs to the blues genre rather than a techno genre. And they can detect musical characteristics like tempos, transition types, and harmonies.