Google hat angefangen, Google Music intern zu testen

Google hat offensichtlich angefangen, Google Music intern zu testen wie CNET berichtet:

Google has begun testing Google Music internally, a sign that the much anticipated service is nearly ready to launch.

Google employees have begun a process commonly referred to in Silicon Valley as dog fooding, when employees try out a new service or product , music industry sources told CNET.

Das Feld der Onlinemusikdienste dürfte 2011 sehr interessant werden:

CNET and others have reported that Google is negotiating for the right to store users‘ existing music libraries on the company’s servers, the sources said. According to a report in Bloomberg this week, the labels are in similar discussions with Apple about cloud music, the term often used to describe computing done on third-party servers rather than on a local PC.

Anscheinend gibt es nicht wenige Stimmen innerhalb der Majorlabels, die eine iTunes-Konkurrenz von Google befürworten:

What’s certain is that the big music labels want Google in the digital-music fray. The possibility that an iTunes competitor of Google’s caliber will soon hit the scene has music industry executives giddy.

Ob ein Dienst, nur weil er von Google kommt, auch gleich erfolgreich sein wird, steht allerdings auf einem anderen Blatt. Spannend wird der Einstieg von Google allemal.

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