Wie Google+ für Musiker interessant werden kann hat 5 Wege aufgeschrieben, wie Google+ für Musiker und Musikfans interessant werden kann. Zum Beispiel könnte das Videogruppenchat-Tool Hangout für Meet-and-Greet-Sessions oder spontane Live-Sessions verwendet werden:

Google+’s Hangout feature could do something else, and surely this one has already occurred to Google engineers pining for that “social bonus.” Hangout could be a great way for stars to hold meet-and-greet sessions with their fans. [..]

And, of course, the company could archive these talks on YouTube, creating valuable content that would still be of interest 20 years from now, in many cases, and which wouldn’t appear on Vimeo or any other competitors. Speaking of YouTube, it’s been slowly edging into the live online music business. Clearly, those shows could find a place on Google+, with plenty of social-bonus-friendly features for talking about the show in real time.

Spannend ist auch die Vorstellung, wie Google+ und Google Music verknüpft werden könnten:

There are many ways to go with this, but for starters, they could make your music collection visible and searchable on Googl+, use it as a way to introduce people to each other, work on creating DMCA-compliant streams that would allow people to listen to each other’s taste, and should probably use taste-combining algorithms to create stations out of multiple Music Beta by Google accounts too.

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