Facebook beendet eigenen Musikplayer und verweist auf Streaming-Partner

Musiker mit Facebok-Fanpages, die auf Facebooks Musikplayer gesetzt haben, müssen sich nacht Alternativen umsehen.

Facebook beendet seinen offiziellen MP3-Player und verweist auf Alternativen von Drittanbietern, wie InsideFacebook berichtet:

The notice of the removal of the Music Player app starting October 31 is appearing at the top of Pages to their admins. It follows similar alerts about Facebook discontinuing the Discussions and Reviews Page tab apps. In those cases it also said new tools are coming but that for now Pages should use their wall as a forum and host for reviews.

Promoting Third-Party Music Page Tab Apps

Facebook does not currently offer its own Page tab app for permanently hosting streaming music, and rather allows third-party developers such as RootMusic, ReverbNation, and Bandcamp to provide musician profile apps. These apps have grown popular as bands flee the deteriorating Myspace Music for Facebook.