SoundCloud-Nutzer können Tracks über Getty lizenzieren

SoundCloud kooperiert mit Getty Images Music, um die Lizenzierung von Songs auf Soundcloud zu erleichtern.


The system will be quite straightforward: each user will be able to install a ‘license’ button from Getty Images Music on their SoundCloud players, for tracks that they want to monetize. Those who want to license the track just click the button and send a request.

Beyond that, depending on how much contact information the SoundCloud user has provided, and whether or not they’ve already sent a tax form to Getty, it will take between a few days and a few weeks for the track to become available.

Getty’s rate card details how usage in web or mobile advertising will cost $350, inclusion in corporate marketing will cost $1500, and so on. The creator gets “35 percent of the upfront licensee fee plus 50 percent of Getty Images’ share, as publisher, of any backend performance royalties”.

SoundCloud wird langsam aber sicher zum One-Stop-Shop für Musiker.

  • „Your agreement with Getty Images Music allows us to license your music to any client who is willing to pay money for its use,“ …“The agreement you sign pre-clears all of your music for potential licensing.“ Das hört sich doch aber sehr kritisch an. Damit gibt man seine Musik komplett frei und es könnte sein, dass Unternehmen damit werben, von denen man das überhaupt nicht möchte.