Bezahlte Livestreams von Konzerten


Unexplored for the most part, live show webcasts are ripe for artists adoption. Quiet Hounds are a relatively new band looking to be on the forefront of exploration with their newest adventure, ‚We Formally Invite You To Go Nowhere‘. With one live show broadcast under their belts, the band is having their second on February 24th. Originally set to use livestream and attendstar, the band will now be hosting the broadcast themselves, keeping 100% of the modest $5 ticket price. Beyond looking for different revenue streams aligned with performing music, Quiet Hounds appear to have an interest in pushing technological advancements forward in the space.

Interessanter Ansatz, dem natürlich noch die Infrastruktur fehlt. Ein spezialisierter Anbieter könnte hier einen neuen Markt aufmachen.