Spotify erhält weitere 250 Millionen $ bei Bewertung von 4 Mia. $

Spotify hat in einer neuen Finanzierungsrunde 250 Millionen US-Dollar bei einer Bewertung von 4 Milliarden US-Dollar erhalten. Das Wall Street Journal setzt die Bewertung und die Umsätze von Spotify ins Verhältnis zu Pandora:

Spotify’s valuation is beginning to approach the market capitalization of Pandora, which went public in 2011 and is currently valued at $5.7 billion.

Spotify generated more revenue last year—€434.7 million, or about $585 million—compared with Pandora’s $427 million.

Losses at both companies, however, have widened as robust listener growth has brought with it higher royalty costs for playing songs.


Spotify pulls in most of its revenue from premium subscriptions—more than 6 million pay up to $10 a month—and the rest from advertisers. It also has more than 24 million active free users.

Laut TechCrunch soll Technology Crossover Ventures der alleinige Investor der Runde sein. Hier die Finanzierungshistorie von Spotify:

The round could be called Spotify’s Series F and brings the company to $538 million in total funding. It follows the $100 million round in 2012 led by Goldman Sachs, and that sources say included Fidelity Ventures and Coca-Cola. That came after Spotify’s previous $100 million venture round in 2011 from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Accel Partners, and Digital Sky Technologies.

Angesichts der aktuellen Zahlen wird Spotify wohl innerhalb der nächsten zwei Jahre an die Börse gehen.