YouTubes kommender Musikdienst wird „YouTube Music Key“ heißen

Android Police hat Neuigkeiten zum kommenden Musikdienst von YouTube, der „YouTube Music Key“ heißen soll und parallel zu „Google Play Music All Access“ angeboten werden wird.

Wenig überraschend, weil Teil der Majorlabelverträge, wird auch der neue Google-Musikdienst 9,99$ pro Monat kosten.

YouTube is set to launch a service called YouTube Music Key, and Google is set to rebrand Google Play Music All Access to Google Play Music Key.
Specifically, it looks like YouTube Music Key will offer ad-free music, audio-only playback (for background or screen-off listening), and offline playback.

Of course, one of Music Key’s major value propositions is that users will have access not just to official discographies, but to concert footage, covers, and remixes. Play Music already houses some remixes and covers, but YouTube as a platform is significantly more open and workable for derivative content – the platform is much easier to add content to, and user discoverability is substantially different from Play Music.