Lineup von SONAR+D, Digitalkonferenz von Sonar Festival, ist vielversprechend

Peter Kirn von CDM über „7 Ways SONAR+D is Asking Bigger Questions About Music Tech“:

SONAR+D is the younger, digital discourse alongside Barcelona’s massive electronic music festival. SONAR itself deserves a lot of credit for helping create the template a lot of digital music and media festivals follow today. And as that has since blurred into a parade of headliners, SONAR+D added a lot of dimension. There were good talks, hacklabs, workshops, and a showcase of makers.

Speaking as someone who either follows or participates in a lot of these things, though, I can’t wait for this year’s lineup. It seems uniquely ambitious and relevant, and I hope it sets the tone for the rest of this year.

Hier die offizielle Website von SONAR+D.