Twitter gibt 300 Entertainment ‘full access’ zur Datenauswertung für Musikindustrie

Twitter kooperiert mit 300 Entertainment. 300 Entertainment bekommt vollen Zugang zu den Daten von Twitter und wird diese für Kunden aus der Musikindustrie auswerten und zur Verfügung stellen.

The Next Web:

The New York Times reports that the union — announced at the Midem event in Cannes on Sunday — will see 300 Entertainment develop software that draws insight from the ‘full range’ of music-related data on Twitter, including non-public data such as the location from which tweets are sent.

Details of the actual products themselves are scant, with the Times merely explaining that 300 will “organize data and develop software that could be used by other artists, record labels or consumer brands.”

Die Idee hinter 300 Entertainment selbst klingt wie der Versuch von „A&R as a Service“. 


Lyor Cohen’s latest music industry venture, 300 Entertainment, will partner up with Twitter in its search for music’s next big stars. A Google-supported joint venture with Todd Moscowitz and Kevin Liles, the new independent music company seeks to nurture artists in a holistic effort between managers, agents and the artists themselves. In his keynote at the annual Midem music industry event in France, Cohen shared the company’s mission, and how social media could help.

“In the modern A&R business we are all looking for talent in various places, and certainly Twitter is a terrific place to look at talent, he said. “If you want to get signed, you have to engage with Twitter, and of course YouTube, and we’ll be looking to try and develop tools that the rest of the music community can utilize.”

Konzerte: Erwähnungen auf Facebook führen eher zu Ticketverkauf als auf Twitter

Music Ally weist auf eine Untersuchung der Daten des Online-Ticket-Unternehmens Eventbrite hin:

Online ticketing firm Eventbrite has published some stats on how much it’s worth when someone ’shares’ details of one of its events on various social networks. Apparently, a share on Facebook is worth $2.52, compared to $0.43 on Twitter, $0.90 on LinkedIn and $2.34 through ‘email friends’ features.

Bemerkenswert ist auch, dass zumindest in den USA Facebook wohl Email als effektivsten Kanal für die Verbreitung von Informationen unter Bekannten überholt hat.


Eventbrite found that in its case, Facebook is now the number one referring site for traffic to the company’s site, surpassing Google, with each Facebook share driving 11 visits back to Averaged across all social media channels measured, one share drove over seven visits back to